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Summer 2021 Photo Contest

Summer 2021 Photo Contest

Tuesday, August 31st, 2021

We’re lucky to have so many customers willing to share their gorgeous garden creations, whether flower, veggie or herb. They email us daily to show off what’s grown from their Eden Brothers’ seeds or bulbs. Knowing how talented our customers are and how photogenic our products can be, we decided to host a photo contest this summer.

Our marketing team launched the Summer 2021 Photo Contest at the end of July thinking we’d get a hundred or so entries. By our August 16 deadline, we had over 500 photographs from across the country. And it came all the way down to these 3 winners who received an Eden Brothers’ gift certificate as their rewards.

2nd Place: Kristin Martina Turk | California Giant Sunset
3rd Place: Scott Pennington | Coneflower

Our Process

The marketing team took the initial batch of 500+ and narrowed it down to 50 favorites to hand off to Eden Brothers’ horticulturist (who just so happens to also be a photographer). He vetted the images to make sure they contained our products, which was one of the participation requirements. He selected the top 20 that featured great composition, color, subject matter and that simply gave him the general feeling of “this is amazing.” It was not easy! So many dahlias, coneflowers, garden scapes, kids, pets and pollinators. But we persevered.

Top 10 Photo Contest

The Top 10

After getting the finalists down to a Top Ten List, our Eden Brothers staff voted. We printed and posted each image in our warehouse with a high-class paper clip voting system: drop a clip in the envelope under your favorite photo. The most clips gets 1st place and so on.

The Finalists

We had such a hard time choosing the photo contest finalists and could not miss the opportunity to share them with you. This flip-book features our all-time favorites. We hope they inspire you as much as they did us! And keep an eye out for your own favorites in our marketing materials. The contributors all agreed that we could use their photos on our website, in emails, social media or any other marketing efforts. We’re grateful!

View all the finalists here.

Most Photographed Flowers

We started to notice something as we scanned through hundreds of photos… people have similar ideas of what makes a beautiful image. For all you budding photographers, here’s a list of products that we saw over and over again. We encourage you to plant, grow and photograph your own!