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Special Light Requirements

Using Light or Dark to Germinate

One thing most people agree on is that plants need light and water to grow! We’ll throw a little wrench into that common knowledge: not all seeds need light to germinate, and some even find light as a hindrance.  

Seeds that require light to germinate should not be buried in the soil, but rather pressed gently into the ground and kept moist. If covered, these seeds could have a delayed germination because they remain dormant when not exposed to light.  

Seeds that require darkness to germinate should be planted at the recommended depth found in Eden Brothers’ planting guides. These seeds should also be covered with black plastic or similar material to exclude all light until they begin to germinate. 

Varieties that Need Light to Germinate

Varieties that Need Dark to Germinate

Painted Tongue Seeds
Periwinkle Seeds
Pansy Seeds
Johnny Jump Up Seeds