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Wait! Be sure to order some bulbs for cutting.

Wait! Be sure to order some bulbs for cutting.

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

After winter is gone, you’ll be delighted to have big beautiful bouquets in the house.  And that’s one thing daffodils and tulips can do better and earlier than any other flowers, with almost no work for you.  

Mixed tulips, mostly Darwin Hybrids

First of all, they arrange themselves in a vase, and last a good long time in water.  Especially if you cut them when they’re still in bud, but with the color showing.

Watch and you’ll see tulips actually “keep growing in the vase.”   Cut a few tall ones, and pop them in water.  The next morning, you’ll notice they are a little taller, and have twisted themselves into a new display!  This is most noticeable with Lily Flowered Tulips, the tall late bloomers that twist and turn for several days after they’re cut. It’s amazing!  And really beautiful every day.

So be sure to plant a few dozen of your favorite bulbs in a place away from your display garden—where you won’t mind picking them when they bloom.  Expensive?  Hardly.  Compare the cost to buying flowers at a florist!  And your homegrown bulbs will probably be bigger and better than the ones you see every spring at the supermarket flower dept.

One thought on “Wait! Be sure to order some bulbs for cutting.”

  1. Olive Smith says:

    Linda, I love your blog! And you are so right about planting some bulbs for cutting. I learned this long ago, and now always spend the 5 minutes it takes in fall to pop a few in the ground where I can cut them. The bulbs do the rest; they never fail! And if you like flower gardening like I do, what could be better? Nothing gets a spring season off to a great start like a big vase of daffodils in the house, or just a few tulips in a bud vase–long before most perennials are even out of the ground!

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