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What is Certified Organic?

What is Certified Organic?

Thursday, October 7th, 2021

The health of our planet and our bodies is of the highest importance at Eden Brothers. That’s why we offer an extensive selection of Certified Organic seeds that meet all requirements set forth by the National Standard for Organic Agriculture. 

Stamp of Approval

Per the USDA, in order to be Certified Organic, products must be meet certain criteria. They must be produced using agricultural production practices that:

  • Foster resource cycling
  • Promote ecological balance
  • Maintain and improve soil and water quality
  • Minimize the use of synthetic materials
  • Conserve biodiversity

Organic product labels must be reviewed and approved by a USDA-accredited certifying agent before being used in the marketplace. At Eden Brothers, our organic certification agency sends an inspector on a yearly basis to review our documentation, procedures and handling practices. We must pass this inspection to retain our organic certification, so we take great care in maintaining high standards on a daily basis.

Higher Cost for Good Reason

If you’ve shopped around, you probably noticed that organic products of all types (not just seeds) usually come with a heavier price tag. Why? Organic seeds are more expensive because the cost of production to meet all of the requirements is much higher. Organic crops are usually smaller than non-organic as well. These folks don’t receive the same benefits from the economies of scale that large farms see. Additionally, it costs significantly more to grow and process small amounts of organic food, as opposed to large quantities. But when you see the organic logo on any of our products, you’ll know that slightly higher price is for great reason.

Organics at Eden Brothers

As we become more knowledgeable and increasingly savvy concerning our health and the health of our planet, we make better choices of what to put into our bodies and plant on our land. Our large selection of organic vegetable seeds and organic herb seeds are for the discerning gardener who strives to make cleaner, safer choices of what to grow and put on their plate. Created for gardens of any size, we offer safe, natural, heirloom and open-pollinated organic seeds.

Eden Brothers is also a proud supporter of the Safe Seed Pledge. ALL of our seeds are Non-GMO, 100% pure and not treated in any way with any type of pesticide.