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5 Favorite Vegetable Seeds

5 Favorite Vegetable Seeds

Thursday, February 1st, 2018

The numbers are in:
Customers’ Top Five Favorite Vegetables

I asked our Order Department for the results from all of 2017, and here are the winners. Out of the hundreds of varieties of vegetable seeds we carry, these are the top 5 winners. That means thousands and thousands of our customers are choosing them. But of course, with our selection, you’ll find all the favorites—51 famous Heirlooms, over 90 Organic varieties and over 100 that are “Direct Sow Seeds,” which means you plant them directly in your garden, and don’t have to germinate them indoors for a good crop. What’s more they’re all non-GMO. Here’s to a best-ever garden this coming year!………Linda


vegetable seed variety pack

The easiest way to get started on a vegetable garden is with the 10 popular seed packets contained in our Vegetable Seed Variety Pack. You’ll save 25% when purchasing the collection over individual packets, and you won’t have to think about which veggies to purchase. Beginner gardeners will love easy access to a new hobby, but anyone will enjoy the homegrown favorites like cucumbers, lettuce, and tomatoes.


This amazing packet of seeds gives you multicolored carrots, and all taste great: white, yellow (really orange), purple, and bright red. Imagine the colorful bowls of carrots on the table! Or choose from our 10 other carrot varieties.

3. ORGANIC ARUGULA SEEDS (2 varieties)

Everybody is planting arugula these days, the mainstay of great-tasting, nutritious salads. And of course, it’s a snap to grow.


Ahh—the “Florentine Green!” All good cooks love it alone, or swirled in with their favorite pasta or chicken dishes. Choose from our five spinach varieties–all quick and simple from the garden.


Out of our 70+ tomato varieties, this old favorite wins again . America’s No. 1 slicing tomato. But our selection includes them all—all the Heirlooms, all the colors, all the organics. Just take your choice.

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