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Top Five Flower Seeds

Top Five Flower Seeds

Monday, January 29th, 2018

The numbers are in: Customers’ Top Five Favorites

I asked our Order Department for the results, and here they are.  Out of the hundreds of varieties of Flower Seeds we  carry, these are the big winners.  And why not?  They’re some of the all-time most beautiful flowers, most come in a rainbow of colors and are the easiest to grow.  For a summer full of color, take your pick of the three annuals here, and for even more color next year, the two perennials (Lavender and Echinacea.)

Zinnia Seeds

Choose from over 50 varieties of Zinnia seedsSmart gardeners know this is a foolproof flower from seed. Tall, short, take your choice.  All are quick, colorful, and long blooming—individual varieties and mixtures.


Choose from 35 varieties of Sunflower seeds! Always a favorite. From dwarfs to giants, from old gold to reds to multicolors, all super-easy to grow—individual varieties and mixtures.


Choose from easiest varieties of Lavender seedsYes!  Perennial lavender from seed.  It’s easier than you think.  Plants are expensive; seeds aren’t.


Choose from varieties and mixtures of Echinacea seeds. The original pink or white, from our treasured perennial wildflower “Purple Coneflower” plus a mixture of all the “Coneflowers”—all perennials in pink, white yellow and more. Grow them, and you’ll have them forever.


Choose from over 40 varieties of Poppy seeds! Everybody loves them. Sow the tiny seeds of this worldwide favorite annual directly into your garden, and watch for a riot of color all summer long.  Not invasive, and no seed is easier to grow.  Individual types and mixtures.

These are all among my favorites, too. They’re foolproof!


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