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Customer Photos

A Blushing Bouquet! | Ledley from West Virginia

Wild flowers milkweed. Pollinator mix | Jason Norton from Michigan

Radishes | Brandi from Tennessee

Dahlia Harvest | Jacqueline from North Carolina

Front Garden | Megan from Wisconsin

Yarrow Garden | Megan from Wisconsin

Hosta Garden | Megan from Wisconsin

Sunflower patch | Megan from Wisconsin

Gladiolus at magic hour | Abigail from Texas

Garden sanctuary | Christine kuchenski from Idaho

stargazer close up | CHRISTINA RAMSEY from North Carolina

Fleurel Dahlia in early June | Jonathan from North Carolina

tickseed close up at sunset | CHRISTINA RAMSEY from North Carolina

‘love-in-a-mist’ close up | CHRISTINA RAMSEY from South Carolina

Hidden flower in my fairytale flower seed mix | Ketra from Illinois

My personal Eden made from Fairytale Flower Seed Mix | Ketra from Illinois

Colorful Caladiums | Shelley from Maryland

My stargazer | Darla vanderflute from Washington

Sulphurs and Sunflowers!! | Rick from North Carolina

Dahlia magic hour | Jamie from Oregon