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Customer Photos

Tropical in 7b | Kim from Delaware

Parsley Friend | Angela Flores from Texas

Little Christmas Trees | Yvette from Illinois

Love Eden Brothers | Yvette from Illinois

Roses Are Fine but a Field of Zinnias is Divine | Tim Reinbott from Missouri

Zinnias | Dan from District Of Columbia

My Beautiful Pink Banana Squash Plant! | Kathryn Trinks from North Carolina

Guatemalan Blue winter squash | Kristen from Wisconsin

My shady secret garden | Patricia T Kasik from Ohio

Pollinator gardens do a garden good | Jen from North Carolina

Sunset on the farm | Beckie from New York

Pollinator on zinnias! | Varenka Rodriguez DiBlasi from New York

Endless summer wildflower field | Dustin MacIver from Massachusetts

My First Gladiolus | Elizabeth Dickerson from North Carolina

Flame Calla lillies Light Up the Garden | Mary Bissett from Pennsylvania

So proud of my watermelon! | Andy mullins from Florida

My lime queen blush | Thao from California

Blooming 4 o’clocks! | Lisa Johnson from Michigan

My dahlias and carnations | Emi from California

Touch of sunshine | Julie from South Carolina