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Customer Photos

frog on dahlia

On top of a Dahlia | Cindy from Indiana


A favorite Eden dahlia | Susan from Pennsylvania

zinnia and monarchs

Zinnias and monarch | Ren from Ohio


Lavender | Debbie from Ohio

zinnia patch

My beautiful zinnias! | Christian from Texas

purple coneflower

Purple cone flower | Debbie from Ohio

dahlia in vase

My first Dahlia | Cindy from Georgia


Carrots from my Wee Garden | Donna Cay from Georgia


My favorite bed | Corrine from New Jersey

red amaryllis

My favorite Amaryllis | Nazly from Texas


Passion for Passion flower | Susan from Virginia

bee on monarda

Dusty Work | Susan from Virginia

September Harvest Bouquet | Elizabeth from Pennsylvania

flower family photo

Flower garden family photos | Phoebe from Michigan

backyard garden

Back garden | Lisa from Massachusetts


Bouquet | Maggie from Kentucky

red lilies

Red Lilies | Ashton from California

green twister echinacea

Green twister coneflower echinacea in my garden | Joshua from Indiana

zinnia bouquet

Zinnias fall table arrangement | Sandra from Tennessee

red dahlia

Oh, the colors | Jessica fratello from Maine