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Customer Photos

zinnia and dahlia bouquet

Bouquet of beautiful flowers | Samantha from North Carolina

butterfly on zinnia

Butterfly on Zinnia | Colin from North Carolina

yellow lily

Surprise Flowers | Valerie from Virginia


Hollyhock seed | Margo from West Virginia

Sunflowers 2023 | Pam Clifford from Tennessee

A few of my sunflowers 2023 | Pam Clifford from Tennessee

greenery garden

Garden vegetables. | Warren ARDOLF from Florida


My pot of gold is my dahlia garden! | Kristin from Pennsylvania

dahlia bouquet

End of Season Dahlias | Kathryn from Massachusetts

Bountiful harvest | Pam Garrison from Georgia

Gladiolus | Vicki from North Carolina

gladiolus and zinnia

gladiolas and zinnias summer window | Jesse L. Yancy from Mississippi


Early summer bounty! | Alexa from Ohio

Sunflower Delight | from North Carolina

shiloh noelle dahlia

Shiloh Noelle | Angie from Washington

cafe au lait dahlia

Cafe au lait dahlia | Angie from Washington


Morning rain | Mary from Wisconsin


Summertime! | Mary from Wisconsin

award winning turks turban

Prize Winning Turks Turban | Jean Fremion-Litke from Indiana


Butterfly on a marigold | Amy from North Carolina