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Customer Photos

Lilies – first year blooms! | Karen from Kentucky

Front yard Zinnias | JOHN THOMAS from Kentucky

Front yard walkway | Susan from Massachusetts

Summer | Matt from District Of Columbia

Back Garden | Terry from Missouri

Morning sunrise in the garden | Elaine Werlinger from Nevada

Dahlia Perfection | Debbie Karnes from Tennessee

My bed of dahlias & gladiolas | Brooks from Washington

OKRA Flower | Jeffrey Weil from New York

August harvest | Rhiannon M Lawson from Virginia

Gloriosas in my greenhouse | Christine from New York

My Butterfly Garden | Bette from New Jersey

Lillies in bloom | Murtaza from Massachusetts

Zinnia field | Michael James Oliver from Rhode Island

Zinnias and dahlias | Rhiannon M Lawson from Virginia

Dahlias | Denise from Michigan

Roses are fine, but a field of zinnias is divine. | Tim from Missouri

Flower Child | Becky from Oregon

The bees love my zinnias. | Kathryn O’Brien from Ohio

Zinnia Fairy | Becky from Oregon