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Customer Photos

hyacinth, bilbo, and smaug

Bilbo And Smaug | Leah from California

daffodils and bird bath

Our Happy Place | Deborah S. Melvin from Kentucky

yellow and white daffodil in hand

Hello gorgeous | Mareen Hoens from Tennessee

daffodil in early morning with frost

Spring is coming | Mareen Hoens from Tennessee

spring awakending

Spring awakening | Rod from New Jersey

cats and daffodils

Daffodil Kitties | Victoria Priest from North Carolina


Rainbow of tomatoes | Michelle from North Carolina


First jar full of daffodils! Spring is coming! | Susannah from Georgia


Converting campus lawns to wildflowers! | Len Lawhon from Mississippi

poppy field

My Poppies field | Emy from California

sweet pea bouquet with dog

My garden buddy | Trisha from Washington

frost on dahlia

Hello Kill Frost, Goodbye Dahlias | Stephanie Klebba from Michigan


Early Spring in VA | Bev from Virginia

dahlia bouquet

Gitt’s Perfection Arrangement | Sarah from New Hampshire

butterfly milkweed

Milkweed from Eden Bro seed | Cindy from Mississippi

frog on dahlia

My backyard visitor | Kathryn smith from Washington

dahlia bouquet

For the Love of Dahlias | Tabitha from South Carolina

pink cosmos

Cosmos | Eric from Nevada

zinnia and cosmos

Zinnia and Cosmos | Karen Tyrrell from Virginia

porch walk

The porch walk | Nancy from New York