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Customer Photos

Poppies | Terry from Connecticut

Dahlias | Kara from Michigan

pink cosmos

Beautiful Pink Cosmos | Terry from Connecticut

Swallowtail on phlox | Brenda LuluBelle Carrasco from Colorado

Poppies | Diane Brady from Rhode Island

Carrots | Samantha from New York

Gold | Samantha from New York

Zinnias | Kathryn from North Carolina

Romance Dahlias in the Cottage Garden | Chelsea Davenport from Washington

Blue sweet peas | Lizbeth from California

Brothers | Elaine from Iowa

Close-up from my 60+ foot wildflower patch | robert from Iowa

Veggie basket | Maria from Tennessee

flower field

My native Wildflowers | robert from Iowa

Colorful Colorado Backyard Blooms | Janet from Colorado

black eyed susans and coneflower

Janet’s Garden 3 | Janet from Connecticut

Gladiolus Beauty | Janet from Colorado

zinnia patch

Zinnia Patch | Megan from Wisconsin

Daffodils | Karen A Lucchesi from California

lupine bed

Lupine Bed | Megan from Wisconsin