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Customer Photos

Flower harvest | Kaitlyn from Massachusetts

Rembrandt Dahlia | Ellen from Minnesota

pink dahlia

Pink Perfection | Debbie Karnes from Tennessee

cut dahlias

Cut Dahlias | Dana from Massachusetts

cut lily harvest | june from South Dakota

Bicolor dahlia | Donna from North Carolina

Totally Dahlia! | Hannah heilman from Georgia

Pocket of Seeds Farm | LaManda from Indiana

Lillies in bloom | Alexis from Vermont

Worth A Wait | Donna Thomson from California

First Peony of the year | Marsha Lehman from Tennessee

Poppies Galore! | Jerri Hinojosa from Texas

Picking peonies | Emily Gros from Illinois

Red and blue garden | Nora from Washington

Afternoon visitor, Monarch on Sulfur Cosmos | Linda LaBelle from Virginia

Peony Bartzella | Pam from New York

Wildflower Field Sunset | Erika from Michigan

Arch Trellis Morning Glories | Maureen from Iowa

Daughters first real dinner plate!! | Thomas from Texas

Peacok orchids with the veggies | Melissa from Maine