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Customer Photos

Bouquet of dahlias | Bethany from West Virginia

Carrot harvest! | Maggie from Colorado

Marigolds in Bloom! | Nick from Tennessee

dahlias in vase

Lovely Dahlias | Magali Rutschman from New Mexico

My sweet pea fence 😎 | Roberta Johnson from Washington

Home | Roberta Johnson from Washington

Zinnia hedgerow | Casey from New York

vegetables in full bloom | Erin from Illinois

Wild flowers garden | Michelle from California

Dahlia | Brenda from Ohio

Out of Many, One= A Bachelor Button | Kathleen Clark from Michigan

Celosia | Summer from Pennsylvania

Bouquet from my garden | Leigh from Nebraska

Wild Flower Meadow | Elizabeth from Vermont

Dahlias | Hannah from Oregon

Feeling “zen” with my zinnias! | Deanna from Mississippi

Dahlias and zinnias | Lauren from New York

Fresh cut dahlias | Lauren from New York

zinnias with buddah

Zen Flowers | Diana Sanders from Texas

white dahlia

Dahlias | Brittaney Collette from Connecticut