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Customer Photos

tuberous begonia roseform mix | mitch from California


Foxglove | Matt from Pennsylvania

purple poppy

Purple Poppy Power | Matt from Pennsylvania

purple poppy

Front porch poppy | Carleen from Alaska


My favorite tulip this year! | Janice from Washington


Lilies! | Janice from Washington

red poppy

Bees love poppies! | Janice from Washington


Great year for poppies! | Janice from Washington

Pearl crescent butterfly on zinnia | Heather from South Dakota

pandora poppy

My first Pandora poppy! | Lauren Roberts from Alaska

The exquisite Labyrinth | Jackie from Ohio

Our first attempt at poppies from seed | Anna from Wisconsin

My Apricot Delight tulips, Beautiful! | Pam from Nebraska

stargazer lily

Small Garden on a Sunday Evening | Don from Georgia

Tropical Border garden | Dawn Geoghegan from Alabama

Treasured Gift | Susan from Maryland


Happy Bees | Ali from North Carolina

Happy Pollinators | Ali from North Carolina

My first anemone! | Ingrid Ann from Maine

Sunflowers Galore | Anna Clare from Alabama