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Customer Photos


front garden patch zinnias | Annie from Georgia

My little vinca colors | Angela from Florida

Zinnia in the morning | Asly from Michigan

my cosmo being pollinated, with some ladybug friends and in the rain | Angélica from Florida

ranunculus sprout

Pre-Sprouted Ranunculus | Shayla from Kentucky

Wrinkly Polka Dots & Cafe au Lait | Brooke from Michigan


Ranunculus in the rain | Amanda from California

lilies and cosmos

Brilliant Color in January | Connie from Florida

Orange | Corrie from Ohio


Sunflowers | Rachel from North Carolina

BEAUTY ANTICIPATED! | Lynne from Maryland


Tulips Growing in a Cattle Trough | Resh from New Jersey

Love in a mist | Laura from Washington

Cosmos in my garden | Laura from Washington

Saffron Crocus | Vinessa from New Hampshire

love in a mist

Love in a mist | Lucinda from North Carolina


Bees and zinnias | Christian Fillingame from Oregon

Sunflower during sunset! | Jenny from New York


Last bouquet of the season | Diane from Minnesota


Monarch Magnet | Diane Giovanazzi from Minnesota