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Customer Photos

My Perennial Bed | Carol from Georgia

Early fall bouquet | Katie Boyette from North Carolina

Do you come here often? | Robin Haug from Illinois

Zinnias! | Robin Haug from Illinois

End of the season beauties | Robin from Illinois

My Lilies | Claudine from Ohio

Dahlias in my Rock Garden | Penny from Washington

Bucket of Joy! | Wendy from Pennsylvania

pretty in pink | CHRISTINA RAMSEY from North Carolina

fab lily- star of the bouquet | CHRISTINA RAMSEY from South Carolina

beautiful bouquet | CHRISTINA RAMSEY from South Carolina

My first harvest! | Mary from Rhode Island

Pretty Pinks! | Joanne from Massachusetts

Pesticide Free for Bees Please | Hilary Schulte from Washington

Dahlias-1st Year Success! | Roy from Minnesota

Happy Dahlias | Alisa from California

Sleeping in | Kimberly Johnson from Georgia

Spartacus dahlia | Stephanie Stewart from Texas

Sleepy bee | Christen from Oregon

Dinner plate BEAUTIES | Victoria from Illinois