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Customer Photos


Dahlias in bloom | roger from North Carolina

sunflower with grasshopper

find the hitch-hikers | roger from North Carolina

daylily with frog

Little Green Frog napping in Daylily! | Denise from Indiana

zinnia patch

My Zinnias | Karen from Kentucky

dahlia and zinnia bouquet

Can’t believe we grew all these Beauties!! | Leslie from Michigan

bleeding heart

Spring joy Bleeding Heart | Lizabeth from Michigan

The perfect dalhia | DAN DONAHUE from Pennsylvania

dahlia bouquet

Dahlia bouquet | Genida from Alaska


Glowing Daylilies | Lizabeth from Michigan

Zinnia patch | Teddi Zonker from Texas

tomato and pepper harvest

Harvest Time | Jake from Arizona

Frosty Zinnia | Teddi Zonker from Texas

zinnia field

Sunny Day Zinnias | Gail from Mississippi

Becoming a Flower Farmer | Kristen Bennett from Ohio

bee in red dahlia

Leaving some for the bees | Andrea from Virginia

standing cypress

Standing cypress (Ipomopsis rubra) | David from Florida

white amaryllis

Christmas Blooms | Gail from Mississippi

elephant ear

Elephant ear beauty | William from Pennsylvania

praying mantis on dahlia

Little friend | Caitlin from Ohio


After the storm | Caitlin from Ohio