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Customer Photos


My happy place | Gloria from New Mexico

bunch of dahlias

Dahlia tubers | Samantha from Rhode Island

Beautiful Papaver Orientale | Amanda Schiff from Oregon

Allium glow | Meghan from Rhode Island


My spectacular Tulips | Bonnie from California

All the dahlias | Chelsey peacock from

Late bloom with Eden brothers dahlias | Chelsey peacock from Idaho

Fun with Eden brothers dahlias! | Chelsey peacock from Idaho

bearded iris

My Irises | Cynthia Newton from South Carolina

bearded iris

My pond | Cynthia Newton from South Carolina


Group of Iris | Renee from North Carolina

dahila in rain

Dahlia in the rain. | Janice from Washington


Spring Hyacinth | Leila from California


Shining Daffodil in winter | Leila from California


My beautiful Persian buttercups | Leila from California

garden started

Go big or don’t bother garden started | Leslie from Texas

pathway with phlox

River of punk! | Doris from Illinois

wildflowers in ditch

My almost 20-year-old wildflower ditch garden | Cheryl Schelling from Iowa

sunflower | Ashley Stratton from Minnesota

mammoth sunflowers

mammoths | Jesse Stratton from Minnesota