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Chervil Seeds

When to Plant Chervil Seeds

Direct sow Chervil seed after the threat of frost has passed as soon as the soil is workable, and still cool to the touch. This variety has a sensitive taproot, so transplanting isn't recommended. Ideal soil temperatures are between 55-65°F. Sow seeds successively about every 2 weeks to have continual fresh growth of Chervil to harvest through the season.

Where to Plant Chervil Seeds

Choose a site with Partial Sun conditions for Chervil to thrive. These seeds do best in humus-rich and loamy soil.

How to Plant Chervil Seeds

Chervil seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting. Learn more about germination light requirements here.

Sow seeds directly onto the surface of the soil and firmly compress. Do not cover, as Chervil seeds require sunlight in order to germinate, which will happen in about 14 days. After plants are about 2 inches tall, thin to a spacing of 1 plant every 9-12 inches.

How to Harvest Chervil

Once established, the only care Chervil requires is to be kept moist and cool. Chervil leaves have the best taste when they're young. Simply snip off at the base of the plant as needed, aiming to get growth with the youngest leaves. By mid-summer, Chervil will likely bolt, and the leaves will become bitter in flavor.