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Columbine Seeds

When to Plant Columbine Seeds

Plant in the Spring after the threat of frost has passed.

Where to Plant Columbine Seeds

Columbines are a highly adaptable flower. They do well in many climates and sun conditions, but they will bloom best in full sun to light shade. Plus, columbines are deer resistant, and birds and butterflies love the nectar found in tip of the petal’s thin spur!

How to Plant Columbine Seeds

While not required, Columbine seeds can benefit from a special 4 week treatment called cold moist stratification prior to planting them. Learn more about the importance and process of cold moist stratification here.

After stratification, remove the seeds, and place them outdoors in a sunny location or under grow lights and allow them to germinate (21 to 28 days). If sowing outdoors: In the early spring (3 to 4 weeks before the last frost), sow your columbine seeds on top of lightly raked soil. They do not need to be covered. Your columbine seeds will germinate in around 21 days. If starting indoors, plant columbine seeds 6 weeks before the average last spring frost. Columbines are perennials that are hardy to zones 3 to 8 or 9, depending on variety.

How to Care for Columbine

When flowers begin to fade, dead head to allow for fresh blooms. When the season is over, cut down to the ground.