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Leek Seeds

When to Plant Leek Seeds

If you are in Zone 6 or cooler, plant your leek seeds in early Spring when you can break into the ground. If you are in Zone 7 or warmer, plant your leek seeds in the Fall.

Where to Plant Leek Seeds

Plant your leeks in a sunny spot. Leeks also need plenty of nitrogen in the soil - we recommend that you amend the soil either the season before planting or a few days before planting.

How to Plant Leek Seeds

To get white stems, you will need to blanch your leeks. Plant them a little deeper than most seeds (6-8 inches) and the stems will remain white.

How to Harvest Leeks

You can harvest your leeks at any time, but usually they are best when the stems are at least 1 inch in diameter. If they are harvested much smaller than that, that's a scallion! They're still great for cooking. *Leeks are extremely cold-hardy down to 5 degrees F, making them a great option for northern gardeners!