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Strawflower Seeds

When to Plant Strawflower Seeds

Direct sow Strawflower seeds in the Spring, after the threat of frost has passed. Starflower can also be started indoors, 6-8 weeks before the final frost date in Spring.

Where to Plant Strawflower Seeds

Strawflower does best in Full Sun conditions, though they can tolerate Partial Shade - though in shade you'll see noticeably fewer blooms. Strawflower doesn't require particularly rich soil as long as it's well-drained, but amending in some compost will help ensure they thrive.

How to Plant Strawflower Seeds

Strawflower seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting. Learn more about germination light requirements here.

Sow seeds directly onto the surface of the soil, and firmly compress. Do not cover the Strawflower seeds, as they require sunlight to germinate. This variety should start sprouting in approximately 7-10 days.

How to Care for Strawflower

When your Strawflowers reach a height of 2-3 inches, thin them to 1 plant every 10-12 inches apart for adequate spacing. Once established, Strawflowers don't need much care. Watering is only needed if the soil starts to feel dry to the touch. Once flowers begin to fade, pinch them off to encourage additional Strawflower blooms.