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Black Eyed Susan Roots

About Black Eyed Susan Roots

The Black Eyed Susan is a timeless classic for gardeners all over the world. These roots bring you the always-loved garden hues that bring pollinators to your garden and keep deer away. They get between 2-3 feet tall and bloom profusely.

When to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

Plant your bulbs in either the spring, after the chance of frost has passed or in early fall. As long as these flowers have a chance to establish their roots before the weather gets either extremely hot or extremely cold, they'll bloom beautifully.

Where to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

Black Eyed Susans thrive in full-sun conditions, where they can receive about 6 hours of direct sun per day. They also do well in a wide-range of from clay to loam. If you have sandy soil prone to drying out, amend the soil with organic matter.

How to Plant Black Eyed Susan Roots

Make a hole a few inches wider than your Black Eyed Susan roots. Place the Black Eyed Susan roots in the hole - disturbing them with your fingers if they're coming in thickly, then back fill the hole, compress, and water the area well.

How to Care for Black Eyed Susans

Be sure to remove faded and dying flowers to extend the blooming period. If Black Eyed Susans are deadheaded, a second bloom may appear in the fall.