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Chia Seeds

When to Plant Chia Seeds

Direct sow your Chia Seeds in the Spring, after the threat of frost has passed. Although an annual in most zones, Chia are hardy in Zones 8-11. In warmer climates Fall is also a planting option, since frost isn't a strong concern.

Where to Plant Chia Seeds

Chia do best in Full Sun conditions, and are tolerant of very warm temperatures. Although their natural habitat features sandy soil, Chia is adaptable and can do well in clay soils too. The key is that the soil they are planted in is well-draining.

How to Plant Chia Seeds

Chia seeds require light to germinate, so be careful not to cover them when planting. Learn more about germination light requirements here.

Scatter seeds onto the surface of the soil, and firmly compress, but do not cover. Chia seeds require sunlight in order to germinate. Once established, Chia needs very little by way of care and will self-sow in the Fall.

How to Harvest Chia

As Chia blossoms fade, check the spikes for seeds before removing, as Chia seeds are attractive to pollinators, like bees, birds and butterflies. Take a brown paper bag with you into the garden, and clip dead flower spikes, which you can collect into the bag - the flower heads will hold the seeds as well. Leave a few seeds on the plant so the Chia can self-sow in the fall. Separate the seeds you've collected from the dried flower heads.